Saturday, April 23, 2011

Poetry Spotlight: Lace Marsh

Today I have a new poet for you all :] This is someone I'm just getting to know and I thought I'd share some of her work with you. I asked her for a small bio and this is what she had to say.

"Well, I am 20 years old, from Wichita, KS, USA, I began writing around the age of 13. I'm a television and internet addict, and a daydreamer which is more where I find inspiration for my poetry, rather than personal experience. I like llamas, penguins and the color green."

Hope you all enjoy here work today. Thanks for joining us Lace :]  -Nik L. B.


Intoxicating whispers
roll softly off the lips.
Such sweet reminders
of eternal bliss.
Devotion leaks from the creases
of a soul.
This was meant to happen.

A melody of words
beat to the rhythm of a heart.
Never press stop;
always set to repeat.
Flushed with red,
cheeks light up brighter than neon.
This was meant to happen.

Tears crash to the ground
as if an earthquake has struck.
Bliss turns into broken.
Repeat turns into delete.
Dreams have become shattered nightmares.
This wasn't meant to happen.


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