Saturday, April 2, 2011

Poetry Spotlight: Rabea Jadallah

Today I have a very special guest :] Coming to us all the way from the Kingdom of Saudi Arbia is my new friend Rabea. This young man of 21 writes with very raw and heartfelt emotions and his poems/raps are very toughing. He is new to writing poetry but he is a very talented writer. It brings me great pleasure and honor to have him with us today. Please be nice and give him a warm welcome :]  -Nik L. B.

Oppressed [Part One]

I know that you too can see the injustice happening in Palestine,
I wonder, is your heart that firm that you pretend that it's nonexistent?
Why don't you put yourself in their position,
what if while you slept with your wife and next to your kids,
they abuse the boarders of your privacy, snatch Jana from her bedroom,
tied her in the lounge, got to your wife, without her dressing gown,
could you see yourself pleading to free them?
Can you hear them ?

What if amid the moment, they heaved a gun at your pregnant wife,
and molested her, as they enjoy running their hands up her thighs,
Devil soldiers, standing firm as you wonder where your daughter is;
her screams are breaking the darkness that's wearing the corridor,
her voice is cutting through the atmosphere,
tell her am still here.

Be a Palestinian father, smell the scene of rape, though she's only thirteen,
powerless, as if you betrayed the raven, now what would you do?
Would you let rage consume you?
Nothing now remains the same,
they stripped their dignity, violated their privacy, while you stood helpless,

Wild strangers betting on what's inside your wives pelvis, opened her
womb up like a senseless toy, stumping on her fetas, they blew a hole
in your wife's head in the name of Jesus; filthy creatures.

Occupying your house hold, how would you react?
Would you strap bombs to your chest because you felt oppressed?
How would you foresee these people
As heroes!? In their thrones! This is exactly what's happening in Palestine,
While you criticise the actions of Muslims over a glass of wine.
If you were them, would you resist to exist? Try to survive
for the sake of living?

If you are a Palestinian, they will rip your trees from the roots
like they do to our dreams.
Wear their shoes then try surviving the most horrific scenes,
everyday is a torture I'm haunted by the pain it brings,
unable to sleep, they killed our families,
I've had visions of meeting them,
so that's the path I have came to choose
but before you go ahead and judge me, walk a mile in my shoes.


This is what we do, and yet the west calls us terrorists, and suicide bombers.

This is but a small attempt to try and put the reader in the position of the Palestinians, so you could see it from their story and walk a mile in their shoes.

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  1. This is a very strong poem. You can easily understand what the writer is saying and you can feel the pain of the people in this poem.

    Good job!