Friday, July 6, 2012

Here I Am [Poem]

Here we are...
trying to figure
out why love is such
a joke. I thought I
knew once, but you made
everything change.

You loved me
so much I thought
I'd die from your hearts
tight hold on me.
My body is bare with guilt,
knowing I am not
your savoir.

Some say true love
is a blessing, but for us
it's a curse. I've never
felt anything that hurts
this much. I'd climb all
the stars and bring you the moon,
if it meant you'd stay with me.

Write cupid a thousand
letters just so his arrow
would make you mine. I'm
not perfect, but for you
I'll try to be.

Here I am
with my heart inside
of my words, trying to
make sense of this love.

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