Sunday, April 17, 2011

Empty My Heart [Poem]

Empty my heart of the contents inside
renounce this bond we held over time.
From dusk til dawn and whatever falls between.
you were condemned the moment you fell for me.

Everlasting was the word
we choose to keep
to define the life
we would never lead.
Banished to the confines
of solitary, I'll remember
every last "I'm sorry."

Empty my heart so nothing can exist
back to the era of true nothingness.
Memories cloak me with heavy emotions
apathy chokes me hazing my focus.

Early in the century breathed
true love, now things fall
to ashes with lack of oxygen.
Fire feels cool upon
a lovers chest. One kiss
good night is enough to make me
never forget.

Empty my heart and my mind as well
make it invincible so it will never fail.
I loved once and that was my mistake
this vessels is damaged no longer will it break.


  1. This is a very well written poem! It really conveys the hurt feelings. Nice job:)

  2. I love this very creative and heartfelt sentiment.
    Your words wrap themselves around me, and take me within you.
    You are a fine writer, Nik.