Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Phenomenon [Poem]

Sunlight dances across
the horizon, morning
chases away the night.
But the memories of 
you, are ever fresh on
my mind. The scent 
of your goodbye
breaks through the
solace of your hello.

I miss everything about 
you, but that will 
never be enough. These
tears cleanse my heart
of its selfishness. You
were never truly mine to have.

You belonged to the stars
and I forgot that--
made you something you 
were never meant to be

my everything.

A gentle rose bursting
from the ground, a comet 
skating through
the sky, a girls first kiss
on prom night.

You were a phenomenon

but somehow you were mine.


  1. thats a nice poem. the way i felt at times

  2. i felt like that about someone. i still love them but they dont love me.