Friday, May 13, 2011

Flower Child [Poem]

Little girl sits high in a tree
away from the worlds miseries
singing a song warmer then the sun
she's at peace now
she's finally won.

For months now
she suffered oh too well
missed her friends
and ran out of feelings to feel
not much to do in a hospital room
but stand by the window and watch
the others play wishing it was you.

She doesn't have to wish
or even dream, it's springtime
and she's one of the children playing.
Tag or hide and seek
ice cream cones of blue and pink.
Tucked in tight with her
stuffed bear, mom and dad
have their flower child back
and they couldn't be more glad.

She picks daisies and yellow lilies
to put in her room, next to her pet
butterfly. This little girl was once plagued
but now shes can enjoy the
rays of light like a flower child should.

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