Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Great Expectations [Poem]

Love is a secret
no one ever spoke of,
but somehow it's inside
out hearts.

It fuels our motives,
makes us do the most
outrageous of things.
Makes us kill a stranger
in the dead of night.
Makes us forget
where we came from,
make us pretend
to be people we aren't.

But knowing this all
we still give our hearts
away, let our bodies
be used and out minds
tainted. Not once do
we ask for the secret to
be told, we pretend
we knew all along.

No one ever wants
to know what makes magic
so mysterious, or
find out Santa isn't real.
We need to believe
in fairy tales.

We come into this world
and hope that one day
we will become more then
great expectations.

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