Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Leaves of Winter [Poem]

The leaves have changed their
shape now, like all things
in nature do at a point in time.
Creatures are born, objects are destroyed
people die. A sad, harsh reality
called life.

You have met this fate.

Your shape has changed
and you will never be the same
again. Gone. A solitary word that
screams so loudly at me. My
beautiful heart you are, not were.
You beat inside me, exist inside me
forever this remains true.

It's not my time to change. Not my time
to end. This season needs me to flourish
but remember. Everyday I'm remembering
the way we came to be. The way you
captivated me, loved me, left me...

One day, one winter I will be with you
again. Until then the angel you've
become will help me raise the new
leaves of winter.

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