Saturday, December 10, 2011

Drowning To Be Loved [Poem]

You are everything to me,
words I recite too
often. What do they
mean really? Are you
the wrinkles in my
sheets after a sleepless
night? Are you the heat
from the sun that teases
me on the beach? Are
you my laugh, my
tears, my blood, my
sweat? Better Question--

How could you not be everything?

You're a million years away
but you're still in my thoughts
every second of the present.
A fairy tale romance to
the blind, except I'm the
one without eyes. I gave them
to you hoping you'd see
the love I have for you...

But you feed them
to vultures like
the rest of your regrets.

I put you in bulletproof
glass only for my
soul to be the victim
of this war. Protection,
devotion, some warped
version of admiration...
all things I gave to you
for your deep rejection--

I guess this is what it's like
to drown. Your words,
your face, everything including
you. It's like walking under
a waterfall with my mouth
wide open, waiting to
have my human composition
erased by Earth's natural

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