Thursday, August 18, 2011

My Hero [Poem]

I wrote this for someone very dear to my heart that was sadly taken from me. RIP angel...they'll never be another like you.

She knew no meaning
of the word, she came
into this world as a
woman. A dark cloud
forever blocking her
blue skyline...
I dare that darkness
to touch the beauty of
her dream like eyes

Agony so thick that
the air is suffocating...
Heavy with sorrow her
soul hangs low if only
she knew what I know.
If only she knew that
I would carry her burdens,
cry her tears, scream her

she never let me see her cry...

Warrior... always
ready for the battle
of life. But she was
never cold, never bitter.
I'm bitter as I move
dead flowers from
this grave. I'm bitter
as I read this name
engraved in stone. I'm
bitter as I cough out
another silent scream.

I was never ready for
this battle... I can
never let go. So many
names come to mind
when I think of you.
My friend, an angel, a
fighter, but you're so
much more.

Life got the best of you
but you're still my hero.

-For Carol. 

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